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Mortgage Refinance options*

A mortgage refinance gives you the ability to afford the things you’ve always wanted. It can help save you money and help you consolidate your debt into one convenient payment.

*Details will vary between lenders.

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A mortgage refinance may be right for you if you want:

  • To consolidate your debt at a lower rate of interest than most major credit cards and loans
  • Help with the kids’ education costs, your dream vacation, perfect vehicle, a home renovation and more
  • Emergency funds to handle unexpected expenses
  • To purchase investments or maximize your RRSP contributions
  • A residential property, including rental properties of up to four units.

Let a Specialist guide you through the options of leveraging the equity in your most valuable asset. We can explore how taking advantage of flexible mortgage features and interest rates can allow you to withdraw equity while keeping your payments affordable.

With years of experience in the mortgage industry, we’ll help you understand the role your home plays in your overall financial picture and provide you with sound financing options to match your current and future goals.

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